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Thread: Samsung Galaxy Ace Stuck on Start Screen

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    Samsung Galaxy Ace Stuck on Start Screen

    Well if this is not the first time you have your Samsung Galaxy stuck on your Start screen and you cannot access your content by any means, this meant no other way rather than a hard reset may help. However, doing hard reset will delete all your data, though.
    Try the followings:
    It seems you have no other option but do hard reset. Just follow the steps if you are now decided to do hard reset.
    1. Turn off your phone.
    2. Press and hold the HOME button for some minutes.
    3. While holding the HOME button, long press on the POWER button.
    4. When you see a Samsung logo appears, release the POWER button.
    5. You should then see the system recovery mode.
    6. Navigate up or down by using VOLUME keys to choose wipe data/factory reset and press HOME button to confirm.
    7. Wait for your device to reboot.

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    What is the cause of this problems?
    Or it just happened in all Samsung Galaxy Ace phones?

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