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Thread: The software update failed. USB Debugging not enabled problem on Xperia Z Tablet

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    The software update failed. USB Debugging not enabled problem on Xperia Z Tablet

    Some users had reported the issues as below:

    After updating Xperia Z Tablet, you got the messages: "The software update failed. Make sure your phone is connected to the computer and try again." And "Error in connection. Please open the USB Debugging on your device.". So you had to constantly plug and unplug the tablet.
    But whatís more is that the PC software goes crazy when you connected it tablet.

    Also if you saw the update failed and the PC Companion offered two solutions, to try to restart again or reset the device. Either one of them you chose, it still didnít work.
    And then the Tablet is somehow like this:
    - If trying to start, there is the SONY logo appeared for some seconds but then it turned off again.
    - If starting to use PC Companion and follow the connection guide it is getting messy:
    First it is saying that there is a device connected but it is not fully realizing (there is no Serial Name pop-up) the tablet.
    Then the update window pops-up, quickly jumps through the installation steps and says everything is done re-start the device, which is impossible.

    Well if you have been encountering the same issues, then try doing the followings:

    1. Do not try to use PC Companion anymore.
    2. Instead go download the Update Service from here:
    Link URL:
    Only the registered members can see the Link URLs. Please Login OR Register.

    3. Just download, install and run. It will restore your device.
    4. Also, noted that there are 2 options when you start the Update Service:
    Update SW only or factory reset AND update SW.
    Try the first one, but if it doesnít work, try the second, and you will lose all the data on the tablet (unless you have backed it up somewhere). However, this option will sure work at most cases.

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    that is the simply solution
    simply do this flocks-

    If an update has failed you may need to perform a repair of the phones software.
    Disconnect the phone from the computer and then press and hold on/off and vol+ at the same time for 10 seconds.
    Now start PC Companion (but don't connect the phone) and go to Support zone -> Software update -> repair (blue text) and follow the instructions from the software.

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